We monitor gender representation in Pakistan’s media, research emerging trends and create awareness about inclusion and negative stereotyping through training and advocacy

Because gender equality means progress for all

Pakistan ranks low on the Gender Gap Index framework. Pakistani women and other genders have lagged in economic participation, educational attainment, political empowerment, and health. Uks works to amplify the voices of Pakistan’s women and different genders.

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22.6% of Pakistani women work in the labour market. Average income of Pakistan's women is 16% below that of an average man. Female literacy rate is 46.5%. The country has an excess female mortality rate because of neglect and sex selection practices. (*Source: World Economic Forums Global Gender Gap Report 2021)

We believe the media is an essential tool that can help change this. At Uks, we research the extent of Pakistan's gender gap and use this data to produce content and training programmes and create advocacy campaigns that help change mindsets and the media landscape. because Pakistan, its communities, and its economy cannot achieve their potential or meet the challenges of the 21st century without the equal participation of all genders

Our Impact

Over 550,000 news stories in the archives

Over 600 trainings for the media on gender sensitization

Over 13,000 journalists from electronic and print media trained

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Content Creation

Uks monitors media through a gender lens and also creates content on the issues surrounding gender in Pakistan. By creating gender-sensitive and gender-transformative content we aim to break gender stereotypes, challenge traditional norms and attitudes.

About us

Gender Equality in Media

Uks Founder Director Tasneem and other women journalists talk about the gendered world of Pakistani media. The glass ceiling, the gender pay gap, bias-ness, and unfair treatment of employees are realities that women journalists deal with every day.