About US

Who We Are

Founded in 1997, Uks Research, Resource and Publication Centre is the only Pakistani organisation working in the print, electronic, and, more recently, the digital space for gender equality and women’s development. Uks (which means ‘Reflection’ in Urdu) is a rights-based group that monitors gender representation in media, researches emerging trends, especially concerning gender and creates awareness about inclusion and negative stereotyping through training and advocacy.

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What We Do

Since 1997, Uks has amassed an extensive repository of data collected through monitoring radio, print and electronic content. In addition, Uks has a large pool of anecdotal accounts on the challenges women face in the media industry. This has been accumulated through Uks’ network of women in the media, the Pakistani Women’s Media Network (PWMN).

Since its inception, Uks has sponsored the largest amount of research on news and entertainment media in Pakistan. Our research, training programmes, education and advocacy aim to reimagine the media landscape to reflect our world. 

Uks has worked consistently amid a deeply patriarchal society to raise awareness about issues that concern Pakistani women. Women continue to face challenges related to their legal rights, movement and mobility, sexual and reproductive health rights, the right to information and education, and above all, their right to live with dignity and respect.

Our Work

Radio & Digital Productions

32 Radio Series

316 Programmes

8 Digital Stories

Trainings, Workshops & Consultations

40 Workshops for over 800 Students

43 Workshops for over 860 Journalists

8 Round Tables & On-Desk Consultations

94 Community Workshops with 2850 Participants


24 Reports & Booklets

17 Desk Diaries

10 Toolkits

06 Global Researchers

22 Brochures