Uks Annual Thematic Desk Diaries

Every year Uks, celebrates the achievements of Pakistani women by releasing the Annual Uks Diary. This is a themed collection, and each diary pictures the stories and experiences of women who have excelled and contributed in the thematic area.

Each diary contains

  • A compilation of Uks’ research working our way through media monitored since 1947 to date.
  • A new theme every year related to women’s development, represented through press clippings, opinions, poetry, illustrations and a detailed chronology of related events.
  • Since 1998 Uks diaries have covered themes such as gender-based violence, entrepreneurship, arts and literature, politics, education, health, law and human rights.
Buy a Diary

Uks diaries are widely disseminated through our workshops and advocacy campaigns and are also available for purchase from our office. You can buy a hard copy of each of the past years’ diaries by sending us an email at