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Uks is a research, resource and publication centre dedicated to the cause of gender equality and women’s development.

Uks strives to achieve gender equality and empower all women across various segments of society through and with in the media by challenging and eliminating the stereotypical and objectifying portrayal and representation of women in media content. Realizing the significance of gender equality as a prerequisite for sustainable development, Uks aims at changing the media mindset by means of advocacy trainings,consultations, publications, monitoring and documentation of the media and production of original media content to ensure balanced reporting from a gender perspective that is free of all sorts of biases, discrimination and sexism.

Empowering Women
within and through
the media

Ensuring gender responsive media in Pakistan  read more..

8150 Days of Print Media Archive

Uks Daily media monitoring and Monthly bulletins –Print, electronic and online media scrutinized through the gender lens Daily media monitoring and Monthly analyses for UNICEF – 20 + print and online English,
Urdu and Regional language publications
largest print media archive in the read more

 Upcoming Webinar: This webinar is part of a long-term project called Citizen Engagement for Responsive & Accountable Governance (Cerag) Supported by the European Union, and Omar Asghar Khan Development Foundation had lead implementation responsibility to execute this project. 

 Dialogue for Change:   Provincial Ombudsperson Rakhshanda Naz and Advocate PHC, Mehwish Muhib Kakakhel speaks on inheritance rights of women. Shaista Yasmeen, Projects Manager, Uks introduces a report on a working woman fighting for her inheritance rights, made by Uks Program Team . Watch Here


 Dialogue for Change:    The DfC explored why do the voices of women matter? How could the media make an extra effort in bringing out women and raising their voice within the media and balance the playing field. Watch Here


Uks’ Director Ms. Tasneem Ahmar speaks at the 4th global Athena40 conversation marking the International Women’s Day 2022. Click here to read the full whitepaper 

Ms. Tasneem Ahmar, talks about online harassment faced by female journalists in Pakistan. Watch Here

Uks Research, Resource & Publication Center Islamabad and WACC Global jointly organized a webinar on the topic of Will the media start reporting rape? Read more

Unpacking the Media Coverage of the Motorway Rape Case. Watch the cogent discussion here


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  • 32 Radio Series


Workshops &

  • 40 Workshops for over 800 Students
  • 43 Workshops for over 860 Journalists
  • Round Tables & On-Desk Consultations
  • 94 Community Workshops with 2850 Participants



  • 24 Reports & Booklets
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Alternative News: Uks & WACC GLOBAL jointly present Satirical web series that captures the news through a woman’s lens. What makes this web series interesting is that the same thematic areas are now being presented through (sensitive and sensitized) humor, thereby inspiring people to think of content form and how it is consumed. Click here to watch

An IFJ – Uks Women in Media Mentorship Pilot project to enhance and support women’s leadership development in Pakistan’s media industry. Uks, following IFJ’s guidelines has selected three female mentees- all working journalists- one each from Karachi, Quetta and Hunza

An exciting, immersive and collaborative experience for mentees and mentors, where we expect to be learning from each other and our lived experiences in journalism.  Learn More 

Uks’s Gender Equality in Media:

Beyond Advocacy and Awareness calls for a united effort, inclusive of all those involved in the production and presentation of skewed and many a times gender blind content in media, to initiate a conscious, concerted work to produce gender-neutral and gender-sensitive media content. A yearlong initiative, launched in May, 2018 aims to enhance media’s role as key influencer in creating positive perceptions on gender-equality as well as prevalent sexism in news and newsrooms. LEARN MORE

Another one of Uks’s novel initiatives-Dialogue for Change – is a series of panel discussions with media production teams on ensuring gender-responsive content in the news and entertainment media. Fourth in this series of events was a roundtable with media executives, gender experts and civil society to discuss the long and short-term impact of sexism and misogyny when these are not understood (fully or partially) by public in general and politicians and media in particular. LEARN MORE

Uks held a half-day conference

‘Lessons from the Past for a Better Today and Tomorrow’ to commemorate the International Women’s Day. The panelists discussed the past, present and future of Gender Equality in News and Newsrooms in media in Pakistan. (‘Learn more’ link to ‘news and insights’ page. Detailed write-up below) LEARN MORE 

We are all exhausted of the pandemic – enough to forget that it took extraordinary strength by extraordinary women for millions to make it through the year of the pandemic. In a world searching for saviours the real heroes were around us all the time – toiling away to overcome the odds while her immense labour and sacrifice was made invisible. Unthak is an anthem of hope – for the girls and women who have made it this far in the pandemic with their spirit in tact; for the millions who braved hardship and grief; for those who faced undue and overwhelming pressures in the confines of their home; and for the many uncounted who faced the considerable risk of abuse (physical and psychological) and were largely ignored in a pandemic whose response was not gender-responsive. An Uks production in association with Oxfam Pakistan, Global Affairs Canada and the Strengthening Participatory Organization Pakistan. Supported by the Women’s Voice and Leadership-Pakistan project, which is funded by the Government of Canada through Global Affairs Canada.

It was during her career as a professional journalist that Tasneem realized the need to sensitize and train the media over coverage of gender based issues which led to the formation of Uks.

Tasneem Ahmar

Founder & Director

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