Uks strives to achieve gender equality and empower all women across various segments of society through and with in the media by challenging and eliminating the stereotypical and objectifying portrayal and representation of women in media content. Realizing the significance of gender equality as a prerequisite for sustainable development, Uks aims at changing the media mindset by means of advocacy trainings,consultations, publications, monitoring and documentation of the media and production of original media content to ensure balanced reporting from a gender perspective that is free of all sorts of biases, discrimination and sexism.

Uks endeavours to
empower the women of
Pakistan through and within
the media by means of
advocacy trainings,
consultations, publications,
monitoring and
documentation of the
media and production of
original media content.

Mission Statement

Our goals, our existence and the services we provide

To Change

The outlook towards women in media by promoting a neutral, unbiased and balanced attitude.

To Achieve

An acceptable level of understanding of a gender perspective in media.

To Train

The media persons in gender sensitization and awareness through advocacy that leads to action.

To Identify

The gender bias among the media persons that hinders effective handling of various social, economic, health and political issues.

To Investigate

Through media monitoring and analyses the causes and the extent to which the media submits to the use of derogatory or offensive language while reporting on women.

To Advocate

For voluntary adoption and implementation of Code of Ethics for Gender-sensitive media in media houses across Pakistan

  • Facilitating the development of alternative concepts, approaches and language use to deal with women and gender sensitive issues.
  • Generating awareness among people, policy-makers and other government agencies overwomen’s rights ashuman rights.
  • Media and Gender Sensitization through monitoring, advocacy and mobilization on various issues.
  • Exploring the various medium and their messages affecting gender construction and women empowerment and correct society’s perception of women in fluenced by media coverage.

Goals & Objectives