In 2003, from a research, resource and publication centre, Uks became the first civil society organization with its own radio production house.

Uks Radio Production House has a state-of-the art studio which was formally established in 2003 with the launch of programmes funded by Internews.

“Never before” is the immediate reaction of listeners who tune in to – accidently or intentionally – to Uks radio programmes. And this signifies much more than mere exclamation. “Never before has there been a women’s radio project that takes up issues so close to women’s heart, issues way beyond the stereotypical projection of women through programs focusing on fashion, beauty and cooking” says Fazila Gulrez, a researcher and writer on women and child rights. Perhaps this is the reason Uks’ radio programmes have gained so much popularity.

Uks Radio Project

  • Explores how the radio programme can develop and disseminate messages of hope, courage and aspirations within the context of cultural and social needs in Pakistan.
  • Trains and builds capacity of radio producers and other technical staff in gender-sensitive reporting and production.
  • Presents gender-sensitive contents geared towards enabling the marginalized and most deprived to express their thoughts and be able to share their experience.

Since 2003, Uks has produced many series of radio programmes around themes of women and human rights. Uks has not only given voice to radio producers, but has also brought out voices of people from the remotest of areas, through oral testimonies, features, documentaries and interviews.