The Gynae Feminism Corner

Gynae Feminism is a relatively new concept in the world and unheard of in Pakistan. Though this term emerged as an intersection between the feminist and ecological movements, both founded by a similar connection to suppression: environmental degradation and oppression of women, it is yet to hit the popularity or recognition charts. Uks takes up the concept in Pakistan and starts a healthy discussion on women’s reproductive health. This discussion – a podcast – hosted by Uks’ projects manager Shaista Yasmeen, is a weekly feature and is featured live on our Facebook page every Saturday. Dr Tahira Kazmi, a famed gynaecologist -cum- gynae feminist and Uks’ director Tasneem Ahmar talks about different health issues related to women. Dr Tahira answers the queries of women from across Pakistan received through a specially designated WhatsApp helpline set- up by Uks

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The expert, Dr. Tahira Kazmi, is a gynaecologist based in Masqat but she travels to Pakistan and other countries frequently as a consultant. She is an author of four books, blogger on DW online and She has written extensively on all sorts of issues that women, girls and even men face while going through different phases of life.
Tasneem Ahmar, founder-director of Uks Research Centre is a gender and communication expert. She has worked at the Dawn Group of newspapers and has held posts of Research Associate-Women’s Study Centre, Quaid-e-Azam University, Pakistan and Assistant Professor, Mass Communication department, Karachi University, Pakistan.